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Don't Pay Unneccessary Premiums

Cost Plus Piggy Bank

No Premiums. No Payroll Deductions. CostPlus is Pay-As-You-Go.

You only pay for what you use. No more.

CostPlus  charges no monthly premiums. Ever. 

And employees see no payroll deductions.

If there are no claims there are no expenses.

The company's money stays  in  cash  flow.

Insurance companies charge monthly premiums.

If there are no claims, they keep your premiums.

If there are claims, premiums usually increase.

CostPlus programs can save 20% to 40%

or more when compared to insured premiums.

Health  Spending  Accounts (HSAs) usually

require up-front payments  into an  account.

CostPlus requires no up-front payments!

No Claims?  No Charge!  Keep your money.

If you're paying premiums for health & dental, you're paying too much.

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