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What is CostPlus ?

CostPlus is a Private Health Services Plan as

defined by CRA Bulletins  IT339R2  (see Forms)

As such CostPlus is a  reimbursement plan  through

a third  party, arms-length administrator. We reimburse

out-of-pocket health & dental expenses for the owners and employees of  incorporated companies, and for the employees of incorporated & unincorporated companies.


If an employer or business owner were to reimburse  health & dental expenses directly through their own company, those reimbursements would  have to be declared  as  taxable income.  When done  through CostPlus  (a third party)  the  reimbursements  are

tax-free  and  become a corporate tax deduction!!

This is a non-taxable benefit for the employees and

a  100%  reimbursement  of  qualifying  expenses.

That's a considerable savings for business owners

versus out-of-pocket expense.

Your company benefits  from using  CostPlus  too!

The expense is paid with pre-tax business dollars and becomes a tax deductible employee-benefit-expense

for  the  company  at  tax  time.

Plans can be arranged for separate, definable classes of any of; Executives, Employees, Part-time Employees,

Retirees, Sales Staff, etc... and can include dependents.

Sub-classes  (e.g. Senior Executives)  with  differing maximums  and range of benefits are also possible.

Plans can be custom tailored to suit your company's particular  needs, including different  maximums  for different classes.

Owners of un-incorporated companies are not eligible under CRA  guidelines, nor are shareholders who  are

not  also  bona fide  employees.  Employees  must be bona fide  employees  collecting  a  pay-cheque.

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